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It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008

So I've been thinking a bit about Frozen and the Fire Freddie, so... What do you guys think of the idea of Fire Freddie x Elsa (Frelsa)? 

3 deviants said LOLZ! XD (It's funny)
3 deviants said Eww... 9: (It is a bad pairing, I hate the idea)
1 deviant said Awwwww! :3 (It's cute)
No deviants said New OTP!!! :D (I simply LOVE IT!!!)
No deviants said Any other opinion.
Hey, people! Missed me? :D
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Gemsona: Pink Agate by LvKO-King
Gemsona: Pink Agate
Got into Steven Universe now, and this is my Gemsona, you guys! She’s a pink Agate and the romantic partner for Yellow Topaz (AgaMercury, baby :3). She’s currently fused with Yellow Topaz as Rhodochrosite.


Pink Agate is short, only shorter than Yellow Topaz and Emerald, and plump, like Amethyst. She has bright pink skin and light fuchsia sinuous and flame-like hair with darker fuchsia streaks on it. Her eyes are of a hot pink color and its pupils are cat-like, sporting three curved eyelashes each. She has a pointy snub nose. Pink Agate wears a taffy pink blouse with rolled up sleeves and skin-tight pants that possess many curved stripes of many colors, mostly different shades of pink. On her lower legs are bright fuchsia dancer leg-warmers and crimson shoes.


Pink Agate is usually loyal, compassionate, loving and open-minded. This was seen when she didn’t judge Yellow Topaz and the other Queen Gems when they said they preferred to be referred to as male. She is also very responsible, deciding to put responsibilities above recreation. She seems to put Yellow Topaz’s well being above everything every since she met him and can’t stand being away from him. Like him, she’s also very shy. She’s also very affectionate and enjoys the innocent parts of a relationship but is afraid of too much intimacy such as making out. She isn’t very conversant as well and speaks in an awkward strange way and is unable to start a conversation on her own. She is nonchalant if she talks about something she likes or enjoys doing. She also gets angry easily and can become extremely destructive, going as far as to go on a violent rampage. Blue Sandstone is even quoted as saying “She is not someone you will want to see in a bad mood”. Another flaw of hers is that she is naive and easy to fool, as she literally believes anything anyone tells her, so things are quite easy to get to her.

Abilities/Unique Abilities

Pink Agate possesses standard Gem abilities, including weapon-summoning, bubbling, shape-shifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness and superhuman strength/durability. When fused with Yellow Topaz, they form Rhodochrosite.

Spiked Bat Proficiency: Pink Agate’s main weapon is a pink baseball bat-like club with hard pink spikes on the tip. It is highly destructive, as it can destroy an entire building if pounded on the ground.

Dancing and Flexibility: Pink Agate is an exceptional dancer, not only for fusion purposes but also for showing off. Her flexibility rivals that of Pearl. She needs to jog and exercise to maintain it, though.

Stamina: Being in-shape and exercising frequently, Pink Agate is able to sustain physical effort for many hours without getting tired.

Energy Bursts: As a result of effort, Pink Agate can release her restrained energy in the form of bursts that blast everything around it. She can also manifest this energy in the form of punches and powerful charges.

Gemstone and Gemology

Pink Agate’s gem is a pink Agate located on her lower back. It is shaped like a teardrop and does not feature facets. It has the same thickness on the back and has a pink line around it.

Agate’s most noticeable properties overall are balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming. Agate is a stone of strength and, energetically, it is considered to give strength in both battle and physically. Agate enhances creativity and strengthens the intellect, making it a beneficial stone for both students and artists. It is also known as a good luck stone. Emotionally, agate gives courage, emotional strength, self-confidence, and dispels fears. It can also lessen feelings of envy by grounding the emotions. In the same way, it assists with acceptance of all things. As far as relationships go, agate is a stone of marital and romantic fidelity.

Frelsa by LvKO-King
I actually got many titles for this:

My Guilty Pleasure

Fire Is The Coldest Element

Fire Freddie x Elsa

Fire and Ice Equals Love

But I decided to put only the shipping name for Fire Freddie x Elsa. Ladies and gentlemen, my guilty pleasure: Frelsa! <3

Eh, my mind is only useful for coming up with crack shit, especially when it comes to shipping. I don't know, I just kind of thought of them hanging out once and now it's my new OTP! I'll leave something clear, though: I still love Freddie, wholeheartedly okay? This is just some fictional ship I came up with in a Wednesday afternoon... Or not ;)

And Freddie looks awful in this! He is also supposed to be way taller that that! First time drawing Elsa, who I honestly think doesn't look too bad for a first time... I'm still not happy with how anatomy looks at all...

And yay for "opposites attract" shipping! :D

Elsa belongs to Disney
Freddie Mercury belongs to himself
Fire Freddie's design by me
Fire Freddie/Me: For The First Time In Forever (R) by LvKO-King
Fire Freddie/Me: For The First Time In Forever (R)
Fire Freddie: We can't... Goodbye, sweetheart...

Me: Freddie, wait!-

Fire Freddie: No, Regi! I don't wanna hurt you!

Me: You won't hurt me, I'm not afraid!

Fire Freddie: *ignores and walks away*

Me: Freddie, don't leave me again... 
Please don't slam the door, you don't have to keep your distance anymore...
'Cause for the first time in forever I finally understand!
For the first time in forever we can fix this hand in hand!
We can head down this volcano together!
You don't have to live with rage...
'Cause for the first time in forever... With me you'll be safe!

Fire Freddie: Regi, please go back home
And you must maintain!
Go enjoy the sun and open the curtains!

Me: Yeah, but-

Fire Freddie: I know! You mean well, but leave me here...
Yes, I'm alone, but I am happy too!
There are some things I don't want you to go through...! *sighs sadly*

Me: Actually we're not;

Fire Freddie: What do you mean you're not...?;

Me: There's something happening on the South!;

Fire Freddie: What's happening on the South?!;

Me: Musicland's in one hell of a... Drought...

Fire Freddie: What?!

Me: Well, you kinda triggered an eternal drought, everywhere!

Fire Freddie: EVERYWHERE?!

Me: But that's okay, you can just cool it down! ...Right?

Fire Freddie: No I can't, I... Don't know how!

Me: Sure you can! I know you can! 'Cause for the first time in forever;

Fire Freddie: Ohhh, it seems I'll never be happy!;

Me: You don't have to be angry!;

Fire Freddie: No escape from the eruption inside of me!;

Me: We can work this out together...;

Fire Freddie: I can't control the curse!;

Me: And then you will be free...;

Fire Freddie: Oh, Aggie, please, you'll only make it WORSE!!!;

Me: Don't lose it...!;

Fire Freddie: There's so much rage!;

Me: We'll make your star shine bright!;

Fire Freddie: Regi, you're not safe!;

Me: We can fix this all together, we can cease this summer weather...;

Fire Freddie: No! Ahhhhhhh...!;

Me: And everything will be alright!;

Fire Freddie: I CAN'T!!!


Yay! I made another Frozen parody! This one is for the Reprise of For The First Time In Forever! I think I should also do one for the normal one too :)

So the story here is that I went to get Freddie because his escape from Musicland (the musical equivalent for Arendelle, where all musicians, dead and alive, live) caused a never-ending drought. Once I get to his Fire castle situated inside a volcano, I try to talk him into returning but once I tell him about the drought, his anger reaches its limit and he completely loses it, thus causing him to let go of his emotions in the form of a fiery blast that hits me right in the soul (literally). While we sing, a heat wave of musical notes form around Freddie to keep me away, thus the background.

I gotta say, I am quite proud of how this piece turned out. Using references was a good idea after all :) I still need to practice in Photoshop painting and clothing, though. Anyway, this looks awesome and I am proud of it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do, watcher! :D

Frozen belongs to Disney
Freddie Mercury belongs to himself
I belong to myself
Fire Freddie's design by me
Image or Love - Bonnie's side

(TW: Bonnica Sadness)

Bonnie watched with a fake smile as his best friend Freddy dragged Chica, no more no less than the love of his life, to the kitchen again. His expression soon turned sorrowful as his ears dropped. Seemed like it'd be another night of grief and sadness for him that he would have to disguise by paying attention to the two new security guards that guarded the pizzeria. Since long ago, Bonnie has had some feelings for Chica but she never came to him. She always ignored his advances, the winks, the long stares or the hearts of pepperoni he would put on her pizzas... He couldn't. He was too shy to actually BRING himself to say it but there was a time where he was confident and managed to work up the courage to go talk to her. He made a pizza written "I love you" with pepperonis and went for it. Freddy, unfortunately, was braver and stood up for her and Bonnie, heartbroken beyond belief, saw the scene of them kissing for the first time. Even more heart-breaking was to actually HAVE to see the only girl he ever loved completely oblivious to his feelings for her. But he simply and smoothly accepted it.

"Maybe I should be happy for her... Right?" the bunny thought as wandered through the pizzeria.

Bonnie was a great robot guy. He was cool, talented, musical and with that smooth laid-back side which was completely irresistible. Many children loved him, why not Chica, who was just as childish? What did the Fazbear guy had that he hadn't? As the lavender rabbit animatronic robot stared into his reflection in the mirror, he remembered the conversation he had with Chica.

"What happened? Did you and Fazbear get in a fight or something?" Bonnie asked.
Chica looked at her feet. "Well... not exactly... he just..."
"'Cuz the last time the two of you were the only ones in the kitchen, one of you would always come back out with the biggest smile on your face." Bonnie let out a small laugh as Chica went stiff with surprise.
"Y-you... you kn--"
"I've known for a few nights already, Chica. Wasn't hard to figure out." His ears twitched up and down. "'Papa Bear'... that's adorable--" He paused as he heard Chica let out a loud embarrassed noise and bury her face in her hands. "...aah, sorry."
"Freddy didn't want you or Foxy to know," Chica said in a wobbly voice.
One of Bonnie's eyelids lowered. "Why not?
"Because... he thinks you'll think he's gone 'soft'." Chica sniffled. "And... I don't think that's true."
"Well, you'd be right," Bonnie said. "About that not being true, that is. Ain't any of my business what Fazbear decides to do behind closed doors. ...closed kitchen doors, to be exact. My point is, I don't know what he's is going on about us thinking he's a softie or whatever; he's still gonna be the same ol' Freddy Fazbear we all know-- and in your case, love-- at the ends of the day and night. Yeah?"
Chica slowly nodded and smiled.
"There ya go." Bonnie smiled back. "...Now where is Fazbear any--"

It was right then where Freddy interrupted his conversation with Chica. HE was the one who was always there for her, not Freddy. HE was the one who gave signs of his love for her, not Freddy.

"Urk... I-I am the one who've always loved Chica... N-not Freddy...!" he sobbed to himself as from his sunken eye sockets started to drip a few streams of black, oily tears.

But then he realized. He could have persuaded Chica to stop going on with Freddy and make her go to him instead but he didn't. He could have tried to work up the courage to tell her how he really felt about her but he didn't. He loved Chica and therefore only wanted her to be happy. The lavender bunny smiled, happy that his love was happy, even if she was not with him. It was simply impossible. Chica loved Freddy and there was nothing Bonnie could do to break them apart. He wiped his tears and went to do what Freddy ordered him to do: kill the two guards, starting by the one with the red hair. She'd be easy to catch: his plan of scaring her to death so she wouldn't be able to sleep during the day worked and now she was completely fragile and defenseless... Except he would have to deal with the other one, who, no matter how much he scared her, wouldn't change at all. This would be a looooong night, he thought with a frown, completely forgetting about Chica.
Image or Love - Bonnie's side (Bonnica)


Regi Agatha
Artist | Student | Varied
Hi there, friend! Thanks for coming to my page. Before you read what's ahead, lemme ask you a favor:

:bulletred: Do NOT waste your time coming here to thank me for faves/watches/llamas and shit. Instead, devote your time to your art because that's what you're here for.

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What do I LIKE
OCs, Misdeeds, Vanlans, Skullingtons, Pikachu, Pokemon Stuff, technology, Fanart, Gijinkas, Anthros, cats, animals, RPG games, video-games, stranger food, greasy food, chocolate, to draw, soda, RPG games, internet, GIMP colorized drawings, CreepUpShipping, smartphones, colorful headphones, cosplaying, roleplaying, cherry tomatoes, Bad Piggies, The Beatles, Queen, Freddie Mercury, Meowstic (both male and female), laughing, rich food and buttered popcorn :heart:

What do I DON'T like
Trolls, bullies, Mary Sues, bullying, cheating, treasons, stealing, backstabbing, salad, being told to what to do, Yaoi, Yuri, negative comments/critics, crimes, babies, tantrums, ignorance, too childish things, the Twilight Saga, Justin Bieber, MLP;FiM, cloppers, lettuce, pickles, FerrisWheelShipping, people that say bad stuff about the Bad Piggies, disrespect and pain. :bleh:

Icons I like to use:
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