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Goofing around by xNIR0x Goofing around :iconxnir0x:xNIR0x 489 27
Guzma VS. Salazzle: Round 37
Plumeria released Salazzle from her Ultra Ball, the large lizard taking a moment to stretch before curling up with her trainer. This was truly the life, being pampered and adored, Salazzle happily munching down the Pokebeans Plumeria offered before laying her head across Plumeria’s lap for some pets.
Salazzle was so content that she nearly dozed off, until she saw that it was nearly 1 PM. She got up so abruptly she slightly startled Plumeria, the young woman calling out to her Pokémon as it headed for the door.
“Don’t wander too far today, alright?” Plumeria asked. “That old guy’s probably still mad at you.”
Embarrassment from what had happened earlier that week was still lingering, her cheeks reddening a bit from thinking about it.
The Salazzle gave Plumeria an innocent look. It wasn’t HER fault that Nanu had left his laundry hanging out to dry. She just couldn’t resist yanking it down and rolling in it, somehow winding up wit
:iconmadforhatters:MadForHatters 2 0
Soriel- Autumn Cuddles by polarisbunny Soriel- Autumn Cuddles :iconpolarisbunny:polarisbunny 92 7 Hot Tub by Winick-Lim Hot Tub :iconwinick-lim:Winick-Lim 220 30 Req#1 Papyrus by MADPanda66 Req#1 Papyrus :iconmadpanda66:MADPanda66 125 7 Req#4 Guard 1 and Guard 2 by MADPanda66 Req#4 Guard 1 and Guard 2 :iconmadpanda66:MADPanda66 76 5 It's your boy, by ittybittybloobytitty It's your boy, :iconittybittybloobytitty:ittybittybloobytitty 18 0 Ruby and Sapphire Week: Day One by NancyKsu Ruby and Sapphire Week: Day One :iconnancyksu:NancyKsu 72 8 No Expression by Liboreta No Expression :iconliboreta:Liboreta 106 14 Sans by Liboreta Sans :iconliboreta:Liboreta 128 24 We are COOL Skelebros! by HappyKittyPlushies We are COOL Skelebros! :iconhappykittyplushies:HappyKittyPlushies 112 7 Gotta pass this buck by zarla Gotta pass this buck :iconzarla:zarla 2,839 384 Night - Dibujo Digital/Digital drawing - by rainbowsweetcolors Night - Dibujo Digital/Digital drawing - :iconrainbowsweetcolors:rainbowsweetcolors 39 4 Free Food by FanGirlDSQ Free Food :iconfangirldsq:FanGirlDSQ 114 23 Parenthood in a nutshell by FanGirlDSQ Parenthood in a nutshell :iconfangirldsq:FanGirlDSQ 254 35 Dinner talk by FanGirlDSQ Dinner talk :iconfangirldsq:FanGirlDSQ 142 24

Newest Deviations

Guzmegi: Snooze by LvKO-King Guzmegi: Snooze :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 1 0 What're You Lookin' At? - Guzmegi High School AU by LvKO-King What're You Lookin' At? - Guzmegi High School AU :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 6 10 Birthday Present for LudicolousPegasus by LvKO-King Birthday Present for LudicolousPegasus :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 4 2 Asshole To The World But Sweetheart To His Girl by LvKO-King Asshole To The World But Sweetheart To His Girl :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 7 4 Skull Admin REGI (Team Skull-self) by LvKO-King Skull Admin REGI (Team Skull-self) :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 5 0
HorrorTale Theory: Sans is a Wendigo
So many of you associate UT!Sans with the Revenant myth, right? Well, I dug a little bit more into my favorite Undertale AU and thought: Could Horror!Sans possibly be a Wendigo? What you are about to read now is a theory created by me.
For those not very familiar with mythology, let me explain: Wendigos are mythological creatures originating from north-american indigenous folklore. They are horrifying cannibalistic skeleton-like monsters that hunt, kill and eat people. Their presence is highly associated with coldness, famine, starvation and cannibalism. Now let's explore and see what Horror!Sans and the legend of the Wendigo have in common:
-Glowing red eyes.
-An insatiable appetite and unending hunger that craves only human flesh.
-Blood-stained features.
-Strongly associated with the winter, the north, coldness, famine and starvation (themes highly explored in HorrorTale).
-As well as with killing, cannibalism, murder and insatiable greed.
-Sharp claws (Horror!Sans actually owns an
:iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 15 14
Which One Of You Is The Dirty Brother Killer? by LvKO-King Which One Of You Is The Dirty Brother Killer? :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 36 18 Spooky Scary Skelebros! by LvKO-King Spooky Scary Skelebros! :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 43 11 AgaMercury/Rupphire by LvKO-King AgaMercury/Rupphire :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 5 0 Watercolor Sans by LvKO-King Watercolor Sans :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 11 2 Regi Q. Weenovartz (Painting Forme) by LvKO-King Regi Q. Weenovartz (Painting Forme) :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 2 0 Sneasel for Lynn-chan by LvKO-King Sneasel for Lynn-chan :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 14 0 The Powerful Can Become Weak by LvKO-King
Mature content
The Powerful Can Become Weak :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 4 0
Gemsona: Pink Agate (update) by LvKO-King Gemsona: Pink Agate (update) :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 6 4 Frelsa by LvKO-King Frelsa :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 8 2 Fire Freddie/Me: For The First Time In Forever (R) by LvKO-King Fire Freddie/Me: For The First Time In Forever (R) :iconlvko-king:LvKO-King 7 4
These are my deviations. Feel free to fave and comment! :heart:

It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008

Hey, everyone. So, as a few (or not) of you may know, I am working on an Undertale AU of my own but I am having trouble on how I should execute it/how it's going to be done. I want something with visual images so I thought of a comic series. But here’s the thing: I can’t do or draw comics or animate for shit so here’s the deal: You, person reading this who can do comics, will do a collaboration with me that will consist of me sending you the script for the comic strip and then you will draw the comic only as a simple dirty sketch, then you will send it to me and I’ll take care of the rest. I will complete, color and detail it as I like. Once we agree to this I will never forget to give you credit between each strip and we both win.

If you are interested or know someone who can help me, please contact me through Notes so we can talk.

  • Listening to: Undertale
  • Reading: This journal
  • Watching: El Chavo de Ocho
  • Playing: The keyboard


Regi Agatha
Artist | Student | Varied
Hi there, friend! Thanks for coming to my page. Before you read what's ahead, lemme ask you a favor:

:bulletred: Do NOT waste your time coming here to thank me for faves/watches/llamas and shit. Instead, devote your time to your art because that's what you're here for.

dA idols: :iconalburning90: :iconwackko200: :iconnintendrawer: :iconnatsilva: :iconhappychupacabra: :icondordtchild: :iconpharaoh-ink: :iconmrddragon:

What do I LIKE
Cats, Pikachu, Pokemon, music, technology, exploring, haunted houses, adventures, Fanart, Gijinkas, animals, RPG games, video-games, stranger food, greasy food, chocolate, drawing, writing, cooking, baking, cupcakes, pies, spaghetti, soda, soft drinks, Team Skull, Guzma, well-built characters, well-written romances, smut, Spongebob Squarepants, Steven Universe, internet, digital art, watercolors, Undertale, Sans, Papyrus, Toriel, Undyne, Alphys, Asgore Dreemurr, Frisk, Asriel Dreemurr, Neko Atsume, cosplaying, roleplaying, shipping, Soriel, Undyrus, Alphore, HorrorTale, Handplates, DanceTale, OuterTale, StoryShift, AlterTale, cherry tomatoes, The Beatles, Queen, classic rock, classic music, jazz music, Dave Bruebeck, Freddie Mercury, Meowstic (both male and female), laughing, Youtube Poops, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, rich food and buttered popcorn :heart:

What do I DON'T like
Trolls, bullies, Mary Sues, SJWs, Tumblr, Social Justice, bullying, cheating, treasons, stealing, art theft, backstabbing, salad, orders, Yaoi, Yuri, incest (real and fictional), pedophilia, negative comments/critics, ship shamers, fetishisation, close-minds, babies, tantrums, ignorance, the Twilight Saga, Justin Bieber, My Little Pony;Friendship Is Magic, Queen slash, loud noises, ableism, lettuce, cucumber, shipping real people, Septiplier, Asgoriel, Fontcest, Alphyne, Frans, UnderFell, people who bash others for shippings, disrespect and pain. :bleh:

Undertale Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Undertale Skelebros fan button by SilverFlame666
Horrortale Fan Button by Jeyawue



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